Completed projects: pump equipment delivery


On this page you can get acquainted with the list of projects realized by us on delivery of pumps and pump equipment for objects of shipbuilding, the oil and gas industry, metallurgy, etc.

August 2012 - Fuel KRAL stations for boiler houses used in «Technopark», Nizhniy Novgorod, buyer - First-NN company (

August 2012 - Spare parts for fuel KRAL stations , «Kazzinc» (

April 2012 - CGV-105 for polyurethane transfer , «LG RUS company» (

January 2012 - KF-450 for hydraulic and lubricating oils, the replacement pumps used in Danieli steelmaking system , «Volzhskiy pipe plant» (

January 2012 - CGH-1701, pumps are included in the Swiss compressor systems for circulation of compressor oil

January 2012 - Spare parts for K pumps used in Wartsila diesel engine systems , «Vostoknefteprovod», affiliated company of Transneft (

Transneft - Logo

August 2011 - Pump stations KRAL DS4-4000 for swapping of black oil for needs of a transshipment tank farm, «Transneft» (

August 2011 - Pumps KRAL CGF-74 for swapping of compressor oil by manufacture of compressors. «Verejsky Mechanical Factory»(

Kogalym Lukoil - Logo

July 2011 - Pump KRAL CGF-118 with a magnetic coupling for «Kogalymneftegaz» (Lukoil) (deposits of Western Siberia) (

PromoShipping - Logo

July 2011 - It is replaceable-spare part to ship pumps of swapping of fuel KRAL KF-15 and KF-42, vessel SVL Pride, the navigable company «Prime Shipping» (

Novoship - Logo

July 2011 - It is replaceable-spare part to ship pumps of swapping of fuel KRAL DMS11-2400,  vessel NS Parade, the navigable company «Novoship» (

SouzHolod - logo

June 2011 - Pumps KRAL CGH-105 for freon swapping in company «SouzHolod» refrigerating machinery (

Vyksunsky Metal works - logo

May 2011 - Pumps of series K for giving of greasing as a part of litejno-rolling complexes. Vyksunsky Metal works (

Lukoil logo

December 2010 - Pumps KRAL CGH-118 for an industrial platform  «Lukoil» in Western Siberia (