The Russian company "Dialog-Technika" works in the market of industrial equipment, shipbuilding and ship repair, specialising in area of deliveries of spare parts to various ship mechanisms and equipment to Russia.

Our company has its own representation in Germany that provides maintenance of direct business contacts with the largest European manufacturers. Working without intermediaries allows "Dialog-Technika" to carry out control over quality of products and units, and also to fulfil all requirements of the Russian clients.

The company potential is estimated not only by our clients, but also by suppliers. In particular, some world leading manufacturers of ship and industrial equipment have entrusted us to become their official distributors and representatives in the Russian market:

  • The French company "Moteurs Baudouin S.A." : ship engines, diesel generators, all elements of propulsive installations;
  • The German company "AEG Industrial Engineering": electric equipment for industry, power and transport;
  • The Austrian company "KRAL AG": screw pumps (fuel, hydraulic, etc.) and flowmeters;
  • The German company "Bornemann Pumps": Twin-Screw Pumps, Progressive Cavity Pumps, Multiphase Boosting, Subsea Boosting
  • The Spanish company "FLUIDMECANICA S.A." : deck equipment, hydraulic steering cars, cranes, tugs, etc.

And this trust is valid as we not simply offer production of our partners, we do everything as a maximum quantity of potential customers knew about this equipment .

On our site you can find the most detailed information about our partners and equipment delivered by them, all materials are adapted and translated into Russian: more than 80 thematic pages, more than 600 detailed photos, drawings and descriptions. Advantages of the offered equipment are shown. The additional information in a real time can be found by connecting with certificated experts of company "Dialog-Technika" - by phone, e-mail, etc.

Since 2005 our company is the constant participant of the most representative in Russia international exhibition "Neva" passing in St.-Petersburg and devoted to shipbuilding, navigation, activity of ports and ocean and shelf development.

Except careful design of our stands, we prepare updated booklets and brochures in Russian devoted to production of our partners for each exhibition. Moreover, in process of occurrence of new models of equipment, specialised booklets are also issued.

Our company constantly advertise in specialised magazines devoted to service and operation of vessels.

Our clients understand that they buy not only production delivered by our company, but also working capacity of their production, ships and equipment which make profit for them. Therefore our main task is quality and speed corresponding to modern world level. Products delivered by us provide high motor potential and inherent reliability.

Besides, "Dialog-Technika" delivers hi-tech industrial equipment for the ship-repair enterprises.

"Dialog-Technika" - a company logo - delivery of ship and industrial equipment from Europe

More than eight years of successful work in the market of Russia and more than 15 years in the market of the Western Europe, this is the term when it is possible to summarize the first results.

Nowadays "Dialog-Technika" became a powerful player on the Russian market of industrial and ship equipment, has deserved trust of our clients and that is not less important, of our suppliers.

Keeping high quality of given services, we constantly develop new directions with which we want to familiarize you on our site.

We try to make everything as it was pleasant and comfortable for you to work with us.


Yours faithfully, Andrey Meller
The general director of the company

Ship equipment: delivery of marine engines, pumps and the deck equipment

The industrial equipment: industrial electric power industry, engines and the pump equipment



Certificate of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
Professionalism and reliability of our company is noted by the Certificate of
Conformity of Open Company "Dialog-Technika" to requirements of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
as an enterprise which is carrying out deliveries of spare parts and accessories to ship engines, the ship equipment and spare parts to it.

Quality of work of our company has been noted by System of certification of the Russian register and confirmed by ""the Certificate of conformity of system of a quality management"" according to standard ISO 9001:2000 concerning deliveries of spare parts and accessories to ship engines, ship equipment and spare parts to it.
The certificate of quality ISO 9001 2000

Our company offers the most favourable conditions of cooperation for each buyer, matching prices and terms of deliveries in advance. The geography of deliveries covers all territory of Russia. In extraordinary situations at carrying out of emergency works our company will operatively solve problems of customs registration and in the shortest terms will provide delivery of necessary details by plane or motor transport to any point of the world.

Delivered spare parts and units are supplied by corresponding engineering specifications, if necessary the are also certificated by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.


The certificate of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping for company "Baudouin" for recognition as manufacturer of engines of series М26
The equipment represented by the company also
has the corresponding
Certificates of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping

The certificate of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping on typical approval of explosion engines of type М26

Our constant customers are large Russian ship-building and ship-repair enterprises, and also ship-owners who have estimated quality and timeliness of execution of contracts, ability to operatively react on inquiries, competitive prices.

Our coordinates:
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192019, St. Petersburg,
Sedova str. , 11, BC "Eureka", office 411
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tel. / fax: +7 812 633-35-35

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