Delivery to Russia of an industrial electric equipment from the company AEG Industrial Engineering

Company "Dialog-Technika" is the official representative in Russia of a well-known German company AEG Industrial Engineering ( ).

We deliver electric equipment for industry, energy industry and transportation, made by this company.

The main focus of works of AEG Industrial Engineering are drive and automation systems, switchgear, transformers, generators / turbines and diesel generator sets. AEG Industrial Engineering also deal with general industry electronics and high and low voltage compensation systems.


Industrial electric equipment AEG

AEG in the name of "Dialog-Technika" delivers to Russia components and ready installations for the industry. We consult, design and supply for new equipment and also revamp existing plants. As the official representative of AEG company, we can offer you the necessary information on the equipment delivered by us.

"Dialog-Technika" delivers equipment, makes its starts and takes care until production starts. Our consultations will help you at economy of the electric power on the big drives to pumps and fans.

Service, inspections and repairs of such AEG components as Kanis turbines, transformers, switchgear or other devices help customers to run and stabilize their production plants.

Together with our partners we also deliver power units on the basis of diesel, gas-piston, gas-turbine installations, and also steam turbines.


More detailed information about fields of activity of AEG company and equipment delivered by company "Dialog-Technika" to Russia and the CIS:

Power Generation

• We deliver generators for gas and diesel motors or turbines up to 200 MVA for decentralized or emergency power generation, turnkey in containers or prefab buildings.

• Static excitation equipment for synchronous motors and generators

• Generators for high-speed gas turbines with a built on planetary epicyclical gearing

• We care for repair, maintenance and overhauling for gas turbines built by AEG Kanis and other manufacturers. Assembly works, commissioning and performance-enhancing measures are also part of our business activities. Test runs can be performed at the factory of AEG Kanis.

• Converters and inverters for the control of motors or alternators, turbines and pumps of hydro power plants

• Static uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) up to 1000 kVA with battery charging management and rotating CPS (Conditioned Power Supply) units up to 2000kVA.

• Converter to generate other frequencies than 50Hz, i.e. 60Hz or 16 2/3Hz.

• Programmed management of generating of the electric power with AEG Transinaut.


Machine hall of power station AEG
Gas turbines for electric power industry

Energy Technique

• Low voltage devices and plants

• High and medium voltage switchgear and voltage transformation substations

• Compensation equipment for industries and power authorities especially for electronic installations with increased reactive power, higher harmonic currents or flicker. This applies e.g. to large drives, electric arc furnaces in the steel industry or in electrolysis plants.

• TCR converters for dynamic control of reactive power in high voltage power grids and new digital controls for existing TCR units.

• Substations with higher reactive power loads and critical harmonics can be controlled grid conform with our active filters.

• Line analysis und measurements in medium voltage supply lines of equipment as above as well as feasibility studies. This can be performed independently from other electrical equipment suppliers.

• Power distribution transformers and specific furnace transformers or reactors as well as rectifiers and transformers for steel works or electrolysis


The oil transformer of the big capacity

Industry Electronics

• Static exciter systems for sychronous alternators / generators in power plants

• Start up converters for steam and gas turbine units and large hydro aggregates

• High voltage inverters / converters for energy control in hydro power plants or for launching turbines

• High current equipment POWERSEMI for power supplies for electrolysis and DC arc furnaces

• Thyristor converter AEG Thyro for control of heating units and steel stirrer units.

• Coils for electro-magnetic steel stirrers with converters for the steel industry

• Resistors, high voltage contactors and other components for traction and crane equipment.


Starting thyristor converter AEG


• Memory programmable PLC automation units

• AEG ProWin® - highly effective standard software for operating technics, based on Client-Server technologies with full online-designing for operating systems Windows2000/XP/Vista/Seven.

• Devices for process control, communication systems and telecontrol engineering (SCADA) with telecontrol substations Micro, @40, @50 and @60

• Dynamic drive controls with AEG Logidyn D and A800

• Control and monitoring devices with the AEG TRANSINAUT for power generation systems

• Support for existing older installations like MODICON, GEAMATICS and GEATRANS


Operating system AEG for electrogenerating installations

Drive Technology

• Synchronous and asynchronous motors, slip ring and DC motors for medium and high power output

• Three phase motors with low losses and and high efficiency according to EFF 1 as well as explosion protected motors according ATEX or with low inertia for flying shears used in steel works

• Starter units to limit the start up current of large motors

• Converters like MINISEMI or MAXISEMI for DC motors.

• Inverters for three phase motors with low and high voltage e.g. MONOVERTER, MAXIVERTER, SEMIVERTER or BL inverter for 1000V up to 40kV

• Renovation, revamping and modernizing of large DC and AC drives and rectifiers

• Drive systems with special technology for the steel industry

• Drives and converters for highest dynamics

• Drives for pumps, ventilators, belt conveying systems and centrifuges.

• System solutions for electrically controlled compressors also in explosive atmospheres and flameproof operational conditions.

• Motors and converters for drives with high speed up to 20.000 rpm and 2MW.


Electric motors: a rotor and stator for the main drive AEG
VSI the converter of pressure with an intermediate contour


• Resistors, heating devices, switches, mono and multipolar DC contactors, high voltage AC/DC contactors

• Main drives, shaft generators, diesel generator sets and other components for ships

• Switching centres , inverters and converters, other units.


Electric equipment AEG in high-speed train ICE

In more details you can familiarize with information about company AEG Industrial Engineering at "Dialog-Technicka" office, and also on an official site: