Delivery to Russia of marine engines, diesel engines-generators, reducers and other ship equipment Baudouin

Company "Dialog-Technika", the official distributor, represents in the Russian market the well-known French manufacturer of ship equipment - "Moteurs Baudouin S.A." (

The company "Moteurs Baudouin S.A.", existing for more than 100 years, is successfully engaged in working out and manufacture of engines for sea use. It has a wide experience on designing and manufacture of marine equipment for little and medium tonnage fleet. Thus on the basis of its engines, it makes the complete set of propulsive installation: engine, reducer, propeller shaft and propeller . Also the company makes diesel engines-generators and auxiliaries.

Moteurs Baudouin, in a face of the company of "Dialogue-technician", closely co-operates with sea design organisations and ship-building enterprises all over Russia. Production of Moteurs Baudouin is included in many projects on building and re-equipment of ships.

As the official representative of "Moteurs Baudouin S.A." in Russia, company "Dialog-Technika" has ensured certificates of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping "about recognition of the manufacturer" and "about typical approval" for ship engines Baudouin of M26 series .

We give the similar help in reception of the Russian certificates to other our suppliers aimed at long-term cooperation with us in the market of the ship and industrial equipment in Russia.

Ship and industrial equipment of Moteurs Baudouin S.A.: marine engines, reducers, shaft and screws.

Together with the French colleagues we have prepared extensive information base on all spectrum of Baudouin equipment.

First, our clients from Russia can find the necessary information on our site: more than 45 pages with the detailed information adapted and translated into Russian, more than 150 photos, more than 160 documents in PDF format.

Secondly, for last three years we let out some booklets and brochures devoted to ship equipment produced by Baudouin. These materials are offered to visitors of the stand of our company at exhibitions devoted to shipbuilding and navigation, also they are sent to design offices of ship-building factories, recommended to departments of supply of the navigable companies. We notice that since 2005 we are constant participants of the international exhibitions "Neva" passing in St.-Petersburg and devoted to shipbuilding, navigation, activity of ports and to ocean and shelf development

Thirdly, advertising of Baudouin production , however, as well as other our suppliers, constantly takes places in the leading Russian magazines specialising on questions of deliveries and service of fleet.

Fourthly, the cycle of computer presentations is prepared. It is used by our employees at representation of Baudouin production at exhibitions and on business trips .

Let's result the short list of the equipment which is let out by Baudouin.


Spectrum of the ship equipment of «Moteurs Baudouin S.A.»


A complete range of Marine Diesel Engines from 85 to 1300 bhp, produced for different modes of work (P1 ... P4).


A large range from 85 to 900 kVA to supply electrical power for a large scale of ships.

By means of references on the navigating panel you can operatively go on any page devoted to Baudouin equipment (in Russian).

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