"Dialog-Technika" represents production of FLUIDMECANICA, S.A. in Russia: deck equipment, hydraulic steering controls, cranes and capstans, spikes and anchor windlasses, ship pneumatic equipment, etc.


The Spanish company FLUIDMECANICA S.A (www.fluidmecanica.com). is today one of leaders in the market of deck equipment in the world. Production of FLUIDMECANICA in Russia is represented by company "Dialog-Technika".

For more than 30 years FLUIDMECANICA is engaged in designing, manufacture and sale of various sea mechanisms, deck equipment, hydraulic transmission controls, pneumatic equipment, etc.

The company takes the lead positions in the market of manufacture and sales of hydraulic steering cars, anchor windlasses, pneumatic control facilities for the rowing screw of an adjustable step, hydraulic cranes, spikes, fishing tugs, oceanographic equipment and hydraulic systems.

Company "Dialog-Technika" seriously attends to informing of Russian consumers on deck equipment FLUIDMECANICA. Considering wide list of products, we have developed the separate large section on our site where we have devoted separate page to each kind of production. More than 60 photos, more than 15 documents in PDF format with technical characteristics - maximum openness and high-grade information support of our clients are reached this way.

The important role in popularisation of FLUIDMECANICA equipment is played by the information materials placed at our stand at the international exhibitions"Neva" (St.-Petersburg), devoted to shipbuilding, navigation, work of ports and ocean and shelf development.

Also information about FLUIDMECANICA production regularly takes places in advertising blocks of the leading Russian magazines devoted to shipbuilding, ship repair and supply of vessels.

FLUIDMECANICA - deck equipment in Russia
Ship hydraulic elevating cranes, cranes-beams and cranes-manipulators

FLUIDMECANICA production is officially recognised by many certified and classification societies: bureau Veritas, Lloyd's Register, the German Lloyd, etc.

Considering importance of the let out equipment for life-support of vessels, FLUIDMECANICA company has the developed network of representatives and warehouses of spare parts. We also remind that production of this firm is delivered to Russia by company "Dialog-Technika".

Panels and elements of a steering from FLUIDMECANICA
Ship towing, mooring tugs FLUIDMECANICA
Spikes, mooring devices and anchor spikes FLUIDMECANICA
Anchor windlasses, towing and anchor tugs


Additional information (in Russian):
- Hydraulic elevating cranes (cat-cranes)
- Panels and steering
- Tugs
- Mooring
- Anchoring
- Equipment for fishing vessels
- Equipment for yachts and sailing ships

Help information placed on our site (PDF-format):
- Technical characteristics and description of the electrohydraulic crane-manipulator G-700-*-CV15-PE/PP-*PL
- Technical characteristics of an electro hydraulic crane G-20.00-*-CV20-PE-*PL
- Technical characteristics of a davit PBR-ZOL-1,0-3,5/3,0 - 35P-70°
- Technical characteristics of a davit PBR-ZOL-1,3-3,5/3,0 -70°
- Technical characteristics of a universal davit PBR-ZZOLT-2,3-4,5/4,1
- Technical characteristics of a universal davit PBR-ZZOLT-1,5-3,5/3,6
- Drawings of anchorings, tugs and other equipment
- Drawings of some cranes
- Drawing of 1 type trawl winch
- Drawing of 2 type trawl winch
- Mooring drawings
- Tug drawings

We present to your attention an information video made by FLUIDMECANICA company in English (for visitors from Russia it is translated into Russian) and we hope, it will be interesting to you.