Delivery and sale in Russia of pump equipment from "KRAL" AG: Screw Pumps, Volumeter® and associated spare parts

Fuel and oil circulating Screw Pumps by KRAL. Delivery of KRAL Screw Pumps and spare parts in Russia. KRAL precision flow measurement units.

The Austrian company KRAL AG ( ) has been well-known in the market of Screw Pumps and Flowmeters and in many different industries for more than 60 years. KRAL services its customers through a network of highly trained distribution partners in more than 40 countries around the globe. The company "Dialog-Technika" (St.-Petersburg) represents KRAL in Russia.

KRAL designs, produces and delivers a wide range of Screw Pumps to Russia.  The self-priming characteristic and the pulsation-free pumping dynamic make KRAL the ideal choice for pumping non-abrasive, non-aggressive lubricating medium. 60 years experience not only places KRAL as a clear market leader for standard production, but also allows KRAL to design and manufacture completely customized solutions as per the customer’s requirements.

The company "Dialog-Technika" has been working closely with KRAL together in order to make KRAL solutions available to larger Russian customer base. With support of the KRAL employees in Austria we have generated this web based information platform offering detailed technical documentation on the KRAL Screw Pumps and Flowmeters including photos and schemes, as well as more than 10 brochures available for download in PDF format. It enables our employees and clients to find the necessary information in Russian about the KRAL solutions and in any part of Russia.

Customer contact is for KRAL and “Dialog-Technika” of utmost importance. We prepare presentations and booklets for exhibitions in which our company takes part. We have been actively participating in the international exhibition “NEVA” in St. Petersburg for more than 6 years, which every 2 years attracts thousand of ship-owners, owners of the ship-repair and ship-building enterprises from all over the world.

In order to inform Russian ship-building and ship-repair companies about KRAL we have prepared brochures in Russian language offering a clear overview of the products and solutions - these materials are free of charge which are transferred by us to ship-building bureaus, ship owners and design departments of shipyards.

Another important role is informing potential users of the possibilities by advertising in Russian specialised magazines devoted to supply and service of the marine industry

Dialog-Technika represents screw fuel pumps of company KRAL AG in Russia
Modern technologies of production and careful quality assurance of pumps

The area of application of the KRAL products and solutions is wide. Traditionally the Screw Pumps of KRAL are applied for fuel feed, lubricant and cooling liquids as well as other non-abrasive and chemically inert liquids. KRAL pumps provide the best combination of high flow rate and size. This makes the KRAL Screw Pump the best choice for applications where space is limited.

Standard applications of KRAL screw pumps:
- On board vessels as feeding and circulating pumps for fuel and lubrication.
- In mechanical engineering and electric power industry, lubrication feed pumps and cooling for gears, engines, turbines and hydraulic systems.
- For black oil atomizers, as ring and pumping station pumps.
- Pumps for Isocyanates and Polyoils in Polyurethane production.

KRAL pumps safely handle low sulfur fuels and provide the required capacity.

Numerous regulations like MARPOL Annex VI, EU Directive 2005/33/EC or Marine Notice 2009-3 (California Air Resources Board) come into force to protect our environment through significant and progressive reduction of sulfur in marine fuels. In order to reach sulfur levels in fuels as low as 0,1%, it is necessary to use distillate fuels DMA and DMB according to ISO 8217. Under certain conditions these fuels can reach a viscosity as low as 1,1 cSt.

Following intense R&D work, KRAL now offers a reliable and proven solution for burners and booster modules. For confidence and reliability in the open sea, KRAL recommends the use of magnetically coupled pumps. These pumps eliminate mechanical seal damage from abrasive residues of HFO and reduce life cycle costs.

Universal KRAL pumps of K series: fuel, hydraulic, greasing swapping
Designing and manufacture of screw pumps: for fuel feed, for hydraulics, etc.
Pumps screw kral

Screw Volumeter® (flowmeters) produced by KRAL are also in high demand. With a very compact size they offer excellent durability and high accuracy (±0,1%). Flowmeters are capable of measuring the flow of liquids with a wide range of viscosity: from gasoline to bitumen.

Standard applications of KRAL Volumeter®:
- Fuel consumption measurement for diesel engines including pressure pulse and temperature compensation.
- Cylinder oil measurement msystems for 2-Stroke diesel engines.
- Hydraulics cylinder positioning.
- Test stand manufacture for testing hydraulic components.
- Dosing applications.
- General fluid transfer quantity control.

When working together with "Dialog-Technika", you can be assured of reliability and efficiency of deliveries.

Additional information( in Russian):
- KRAL Screw Pumps and their basic characteristics
- Technical details of KRAL pumps.
- Possible applications of KRAL pumps on board a vessel.
- Overview KRAL Volumeter®
-- Volumeter® operating principle and design

KRAL Brochures (PDF-format, English):
- Technical characteristics of pumps of series "K"
- Technical characteristics of pumps of series "M"
- Technical characteristics of pumps of series "CK"
- Technical characteristics of pumps of series "CL"
- Technical characteristics of pumps of series "CG"
- Technical characteristics of pumps of series "DKC/DMC"
- Technical characteristics of pumps of series "DL/DS"

- Technical characteristics of pumps with magnetic couplings
- Technical characteristics of pumps for coolantss

- KRAL pump with magnetic coupling for Marine applications
- The electronic unit KRAL BEM 300 & BEM 500

Example of installation of KRAL screw pump with magnetic couplings.
Example of installation of KRAL screw pump with magnetic couplings.