Our projects: delivery of ship engines Baudouin 8М26SR P1 for building of a diving vessel (project SDS 08)

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Certainly, delivery of spare parts and accessories to the ship equipment in interests of ship repair is the important part of our work. But for us and for our suppliers participation in projects of creation of new ships (both serial, and single) or in major repairs of ships with replacement of basic elements of propulsive installations and other units of vessel is much more interesting.

Participation in building of series of new vessels gives our partners and suppliers of equipment more serious level of occurrence on the Russian market of ship equipment.

Therefore in this section we will tell about practical application of equipment delivered by us in concrete projects of creation or repair of ships. A number of projects is still in work, on their end we will place information about them here too.

The first project is devoted to participation of company "Dialog-Technika" in building of series of 6 diving ships under project SDS08. For these vessels we deliver two diesel engines 8М26SR P1 of the French company "Moteurs Baudouin S.A." You can see the Photo of the given ship engine lower, and detailed technical characteristics are resulted here (in Russian). Besides, on each vessel we put 2 diesel generators and the complete set of propulsive installation, beginning from management elements in cabin and finishing by the screw (see the table on the right).

Set of delivery to each vessel:

1. Main engine Baudouin 8M26SR - 2
2. Diesel generator Baudouin GEB225 - 2
3. reducer ZF 2300NR - 2
4. Elastic couplings Stromag AG TEF 422W-RR - 2
5. Fixed pitch propellers ZF KH4 425 (diam 1400 mm.) - 2
6. Shaftline systems - 2
7. Shaft pipe - 2

The detailed information about project SDS08

The vessel project is developed by ZAO "Sea Engineering Bureau-design SPB". The customer of a vessel: Gosmorspassluzhba. It is intended for diving and technical works on depth to sixty metres at excitement of the sea to three points and can participate in saving and hydraulic engineering works.

On August, 28th 2009  at the Yaroslavl ship-building factory ceremony of laying of a head of a diving vessel of project SDS08 has taken place. For vessel construction it was allocated more than 500 million roubles. Building term: 14,5 months.


The first vessel of the series SDS08 - "Capital city of Yaroslavl" (building number 201)  -  Oct. 25, 2010.

The second vessel in the series - "Rostov" (building number 202) - May 30, 2011.

The third vessel in the series - "Uglich" (building number 203) - August 7, 2011.

The fourth vessel in the series - "Rybinsk" (building number 204) - August 15, 2012, more ...


Photos: in August, 2010 there was a descent of the first boat to water:

The first diving vessel is ready to descent to water


The technical information under the given project

Appearance of the ship engine
The scheme of installation of engines Moteurs Baudouin 8М26SR P1
The scheme of installation of engines (Click for zoom)
Drawings of engines Baudouin 8М26SR P1
Drawings of engines (Click for zoom)
The drawing of a diving vessel of project SDS08
The drawing of a diving vessel of project SDS08
Breadboard model of a diving vessel of project SDS08
Model of a diving vessel of project SDS08
Solemn laying of a vessel
Installation of the memorable tablet

Vessel model - the top view
Vessel laying - Jaroslavky ship-building factory